Premier Communities Services

Builder Programs

  • Brochure Design & Development
    The Premier Communities Division will work with Builders one-on-one to customize design brochures required for each development.

  • Web Site Design
    Designed and coordinated for each individual community for 24/7 coverage.

  • Advertising and Sales Promotion Services
    The Premier Communities Division, along with each Marketing Director for the new community, develop advertising campaign and placement. Each program is custom designed to target Buyer Profile.

  • Builder Management Program
    A web-based system to be established at each site to assist Buyer and agents in completing the purchase of a new home.

  • Construction Loan Financing Rates
    The Premier Communities Division monitors many mortgage companies, and can also offer the services of NE Moves Mortgage.

  • Interior Design
    The Premier Communities Division will recommend an appropriate interior designer to work with marketing teams to best identify buyer profile and provide design themes for each room, including furnishings.


We try to make that extra effort, going beyond the usual marketing services of a real estate agency.

We offer an array of tailored programs to analyze residential sales and land products. We can best direct builders/developers/investors to land available, financing, housing trends, pricing strategies, and create a tailored Marketing and Sales Program to meet their highest return on investment.

Main Office

Coldwell Banker Premier Communities Division
100 Fifth Avenue, Suite 700
Waltham, MA 02451